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The latest BBQ inspiration book from The Bastard with 96 delicious dishes spread over 288 pages!

In Good Better Bastard you will be taken on an unprecedented barbecue adventure through 24 archetypes. Types in which you will certainly recognise yourself or someone else. First and foremost: every Bastard is one of a kind. Are you a Chef, grilling a tomahawk with charcoal butter, a Dictator with lemon-langoustines, a true Entertainer with the ultimate drinks board, or a Brewer pouring a bacon-infused vodka? Each character says something about your barbecue skills or way of cooking. Whether you are the ideal son-in-law serving the perfect scallop, or the Lazy Bastard with a tasty osso bucco!

But, that’s not all. This book also includes artworks that bring to life the story behind each dish. Created by talented artists such as Henk Schiffmacher, Studio Toxic and Ben the Rascal, these works give the book an extra dimension you won’t find in other cookbooks.

The next-level BBQ cookbook to kick off the 2023 BBQ season. 

ISBN: 9789082882872

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