The Bastard – Infinity Gasket – Medium


The official Infinity Gasket from The Bastard. This fiber-glass gasket is very durable and hard-wearing and is sure to last for years! BUT once in a while, it is wise to replace it. Air tightness decreases over time and this can cause your kamado to draw false air or lose heat. This both makes for a less stable temperature and that is not desirable for your dish! After replacing it, you will notice that your temperature is more stable, in addition, your felt is again easy to keep clean by brushing it with a damp cloth in case of any spills.


Key points;

  • Infinity Gasket for the Bastard Medium
  • Reasonably easy to replace yourself


Also available for the Bastard Large!

Availability: In stock SKU: 805


You can replace the Infinity Gasket yourself using our step-by-step guide that you can follow! Also available in size Large

Additional information

Brand kamado

The Bastard


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