The Bastard – Multilevel Cooking system – Large


The Multilevel Cooking System is one of the latest innovations from The Bastard! This system allows you to easily grill at different heights, choosing, for example, to simultaneously grill partially direct and partially indirect by placing or not placing the crescent heat deflector stones. This allows you, for example, to grill your meat indirectly on one side with a crescent heat deflector and grill your vegetables or other side-dish on the direct side without a crescent heat deflector. Because you can place the grates at different heights, you also have influence on how close the meat or vegetables are to the coals and thus the intensity with which they grill!


Key points:

  • Suitable for a Bastard Large (All Large models as of 2019 and Basic Bastard Large)
  • The solution for direct and indirect grilling
  • Easily adjustable in height as required
  • Consists of;
  • 1 Multilevel Cooking frame
  • 2 stainless steel half moon grill grates
  • Please note; the ceramic crescent stones are not included! The standard Bastard stones can be used for this purpose
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The Multilevel cooking systems are also available in Medium and XL sizes

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The Bastard


The Bastard


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