The Bastard – Rotisserie & Pizza Oven – Medium


With this The Bastard Rotisserie & Pizza Oven, you not only add a rotisserie to your kamado, you also transform it into a true pizza oven! Use the spit to slowly cook dishes such as a whole chicken or gyros for hours while turning, or remove the rotisserie and insert the included pizza stone to turn your kamado into a professional pizza oven in no time. The Bastard Rotisserie & Pizza Oven has a double insulated wall and door to minimize heat loss. This is because the lid no longer needs to be opened each time during an evening of pizza baking.

Please note, this Bastard Rotisserie & Pizza oven can only be used with The Bastard Medium models as of 2019!

Do you have a Large Bastard and are looking for the Rotisserie? You can find these here! For other types of kamados, we have the following rotisseries in the range. Or take a look at our pizza stones.

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Type accessoire

Rotisserie, Pizzasteen


The Bastard


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