The Bastard Tube Smoker – Large


The Bastard Tube Smoker can be used perfectly for hot or cold smoking. Fill the smoker with pellets or smoke chips and place it on the stainless steel grid of your barbecue for hot smoking or under your grill for cold smoking. The Tube Smoker can be used on virtually all types of barbecues and is available in two sizes:

  • The S of 15cm: about 2 hours of smoke output
  • The L of 30cm: about 4 hours of smoke output

Both Tube Smokers come with three sample bags of smoke chips from The Bastard in the flavours Cherry, Apple and Beech!

If you only intend to cold smoke, also check out our cold-smoking package. Or if you’re looking for a nice gift, also check out our flavours and reading material.

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The Bastard

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Bastard Large, Bastard Medium, Medium (18"), M / L (20"), Large (21"), Extra Large (23"), XXL (25")


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