The Bastard – VX Complete – Large


The Bastard VX COMPETE Large is the new top-of-the-line model from The Bastard! The VX is the highest quality Kamado ever produced by The Bastard and can rightfully ascribe itself to the world’s top quality!

The redesigned shape the VX allows for better airflow through the kamado, in addition, because of the “bend” the dome offers more space inside the kamado allowing you to grill even more! The Top vent has been completely reinvented and offers perfect temperature control, the precision turning mechanism allows you to set the ideal temperature! In addition, it features a flip-cap that allows you to open half of the top vent at once, ideal for switching from low&slow to hot&fast or when you really need a high temperature! In addition to the top vent, the bottom vent is also completely reinvented! The double sliding door design is tremendously efficient and precise, allowing you to set exactly the temperature you want! This unique and flat design is assembled without having drilled into the precious ceramic, further enhancing the quality! The bottom vent design is also made modular – who knows what else will be able to be connected to it…!

The handle has an improved ergonomic grip i.c.w. powder-coated heavy duty stainless steel brackets. The hinge has been given greater lifting capacity, making opening and closing a breeze. This new hinge is also optimized for when you want to build the kamado into an outdoor kitchen or table, for example! The precision thermometer has been given a tough black appearance that matches the rest of the design. The side tables have updated from the “regular” Bastards with a tighter steel design frame, a specially developed stop hinge to prevent clattering and rounded off with quality dark lacquered bamboo shelves!


Key points;

  • Absolutely quality topper
  • Huge number of innovations
  • Sleek, tough appearance
  • Grid diameter; 49cm diameter
  • Grid thickness; 7mm stainless steel
  • Comes standard with;
    – Lifetime warranty
    – Multilevel Cooking system (incl. 2 Crescent stainless steel grates, 2 crescent heat deflectors)
    – Coal Basket
    – Ash collection tray


  • Included at Kamado Essentials for free;
    – Bastard VX Large Rain Cover
    – We Can BBQ Too Book by The Bastard
    – 10KG Marabu charcoal
    – 1.4KG Smokechunks
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The Bastard was born from a love of authentic flavors and design.
Hence, only the best materials are used for The Bastard.

An ancient method of cooking but refined by the Dutch. The Bastard is the Dutch pride in barbecues.
We know better than anyone that the kamado must not only be beautiful, but also efficient and functional.
At The Bastard, everything has been considered. He does what he has to do, and is the very best at it.

The best materials were used to design The Bastard.
It is made of the special cordierite ceramic, making it resistant to very high temperatures.
The insulating ceramic inner lining keeps the temperature inside The Bastard constant.
This also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Grilling, baking, smoking and stewing, anything is possible with The Bastard.
Experience many different preparation techniques and prepare the most delicious dishes in no time.
This makes The Bastard the most versatile barbecue today.
And, also important , The Bastard is a faithful companion that loves to surprise and inform you about the tastiest recipes and support you in the most beautiful and tasty creations.


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